Products & Services

CityGreenPoint distinguishes itself by offering an innovative collection concept where service, unburdening and design are the basic ingredients for a professional collaboration with the customer. The use of local social employment and local charities are also part of our approach and cooperation.

We design our collection stations in your corporate identity and place them for free!

Our question to you is. ... What can we do for you?

Our products and services

  • Collection systems for all raw materials
  • Logistics services
  • Service and maintenance
  • Sale and processing of all raw materials
  • Quick scan commodity analysis and improvements

Our collection systems

  • Free, high quality and durable collection systems
  • Long service life of at least 15 years
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Implementation in your corporate identity
  • Modular system so easy to build or change to your needs and wishes
  • The basis is 1 Ecoboxx, this collection module can be expanded to 5, 10 or 25 
  • Installation of volume measuring units with GPRS and CMS
  • Self-sufficient due to solar/wind energy
  • Charging module E-bikes
  • Voice module
  • Advertising module (digital) 
  • Customer Loyalty Card rewarding system
  • Your requirements ....

In short: you ask CityGreenPoint builds, delivers and manages!